Luxen Fleur

Luxen Fleur is high-end floral company who had an aesthetic similar to its competitors. They wanted to stand out from the rest of the market.

The design solution include rebranding Luxen Fleur with a romantic, dreamy, and soft aesthetic and new design assets such as logotype, instructional card, and business card. The logotype consist of fragments of letters are missing to represent what happens when you wake up from a dream. Most people forget their dream immediately, but some remember bits and pieces. Even though pieces of the letters are missing, you still know what each letter is.

Luxen Fleur Pink Affair luxury flowers

Logo on Pink Affair product

Luxen Fleur's greeting card and instructional how-to-care card

Instructional how-to-care card and greeting card

Luxen Fleur's business card

Business card

Luxen Fleur's Valentine's Day countdown Instagram Story post

Animated Instagram Story post for Valentine's Day countdown